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Employment Based Green Cards

A non-citizen can also potentially obtain permanent residency through employment-based petitions, which can be divided into five categories:

EB-1 Extraordinary Ability “First Preference”

This category consists of priority workers, which include: Non-citizens with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics; outstanding professors and researchers; or certain multinational managers and executives.

EB-2 Exceptional Ability “Second Preference”

This category consists of non-citizens who are members of professions holding advanced degrees or who have exceptional ability, including requests for national interest waivers.

EB-3 Employment-Based “Third Preference”

This category consists of individuals who are skilled workers, professionals, or other workers.

EB-4 Employment-Based “Fourth Preference”

This category is reserved for non-citizens who are considered special immigrants, which include Special Immigrant Juveniles and religious workers, among others.

EB-5 Immigrant Investors “Fifth Preference”

This category consists of noncitizens who have invested or are actively in the process of investing either $1 million or $500,000 in targeted employment areas in a new commercial enterprise that will benefit the U.S. economy and create at least 10 full-time positions for qualifying employees

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Amazing Lawyer

I hired Edith to help me with my O1 visa application. She went above and beyond with helping me put it together, making my case as strong as it could possibly be. She was very thorough, knew every detail, and helped me spend my time more wisely and on the things that actually mattered. She’s very knowledgeable and knows what she’s talking about.

- Alexandre

Very Professional & Honest

I contact Ms. Nazarian for consultation regarding a Humanitarian Parole application for some family members in Afghanistan. Ms. Nazarian was extremely helpful in guiding me throughout the process and advising me on the best course of action. She was extremely professional and diligent.

- Amina

Truly Outstanding Lawyer

Edith Nazarian is an extraordinary immigration lawyer. I’ve been working with Edith for several years now, having worked in two O1-B applications, and couldn’t be happier. Both applications got approved on the first try without a need for an RFE. I always recommend her to my friends in the ex-pat community.

- Luis


Recently had a phone consultation with Edith, she was very polite and professional with her advices. Highly recommend if you have questions in regards of your immigration status. Thank you for your time Edith, greatly appreciate it!

- Elen

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