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3 Reasons Your US Immigration Benefit Application Might Be Denied

Welcome to the Law Offices of Edith Nazarian, APC. In this video, Attorney Edith Nazarian, a seasoned immigration attorney with over 10 years of experience in immigration law—and recognized as a Super Lawyer Rising Star and Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine—discusses three common reasons why your US immigration benefit application might be denied. Immigration benefits can include an immigrant visa, a green card, a travel permit, a re-entry permit, or a work permit and are awarded by the USCIS.

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Did you apply for an immigration benefit? Well, here are three reasons why the government just might deny your application.

Hi, my name is Edith Nazarian, and I’ve been an immigration attorney for over 10 years. I have been selected as a Super Lawyer Rising Star, and as a Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine.

USCIS Application for Your Immigration Benefit

Did you apply for an immigration benefit? Here are three reasons why it might get denied. 

  1. You are not actually eligible for the relief. This can happen if you have a certain set of case facts that don’t line up with the law. So if that happens, then unfortunately, the government will be denying your application.
  2. You are factually and legally eligible, but unfortunately, either you have not presented all the required case facts, or your attorney hasn’t done so, to make you eligible for the government to approve your application.
  3. Believe it or not, it is possible for the government to make a mistake and deny your case incorrectly. And if this happens, you definitely want to take the steps that you need in order to fix it.

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So those are just a few reasons why even when you apply for an immigration benefit it might get denied. If you have additional questions please contact me to schedule a consultation. And be sure to follow, like, and subscribe. Thank you. My name is Edith Nazarian, until next time.

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