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Proving You’re an Extraordinary Artist for the O-1 Artist Visa | Immigration Attorney Los Angeles

How do you gather evidence to help show that you’re an artist with extraordinary ability? Here are some tips on what documents to gather to help support your O-1B visa application.


You are an extraordinary artist who has defined your field and now you need to gather the evidence to show the government that you are, in fact, extraordinary.

How do you do this? By gathering evidence from your past and the future. So let’s first talk about the past.

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O-1B Visa Criteria

Past Achievements

Aside from being nominated, or winning, a major award like an Academy or an Emmy or a Grammy, you can show that you are extraordinary through numerous pieces of evidence. These include publications in major newspapers, by or about yourself, or it can include letters from experts in the field talking about you and your achievements.

You can show this also by contracts or standing in the box office and other awards. So now let’s talk about the future.

Future Work While in the U.S.

For the future, you want to show what you’ll be doing here while you are in the United States, and you do this through your contracts, your offers of employment, as well as your letters from those future employers discussing your role, as well as why their organization is distinguished.

You want to put all of these in your itinerary  and show it to the government. So that way they have a clear idea of what you’re planning to do while you’re in the States.

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No two cases are the same. We talked about a lot of evidence, but there may be different kinds that can fit your case specifically. So feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.

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