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Non-Citizen Charged With A Crime? Hire A Criminal and Immigration Lawyer

Welcome to the Law Offices of Edith Nazarian, APC. In this video, Attorney Edith Nazarian—a seasoned criminal defense attorney and immigration lawyer with over a decade of experience, and recognized as a Super Lawyer Rising Star and Top Attorney by Pasadena Magazine—discusses three reasons why non-citizens charged with a crime should consider hiring a crimmigration attorney.


Are you a non-citizen charged with the crime?  Here are the top three reasons why you should definitely consider hiring an attorney who knows both criminal and immigration law to represent you.

Hi, my name is Edith Nazarian, and I’ve been practicing criminal and immigration law for over 10 years. I have been selected by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star, and by Pasadena Magazine as a Top Attorney.

Three Reasons to Hire a Criminal and Immigration Lawyer

So, you are a non-citizen charged with a crime. Here are three reasons why you definitely want to have an attorney who knows both criminal and immigration law representing you.


It will obviously save you money. Instead of hiring two attorneys you have one that knows all of your issues.


It will save you time. If you have a criminal attorney and an immigration attorney. They have to spend time communicating with each other about your case. You have one attorney, though, that knows about both criminal and immigration law. They know all the issues in your matter.


It will give you peace of mind. By having an attorney that knows both criminal and immigration law, it will decrease the chances of miscommunication and errors in your case which will get you back to your life faster.

So these are the three reasons why you definitely want to have an immigration attorney and a criminal attorney that knows both subjects representing you in your criminal case.

Contact a Criminal and Immigration Attorney In Los Angeles

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